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Your marketing agency can work faster!

We know, we know. You’re already working in a fast-paced and stressful environment. You’re basically a notch below the air traffic controllers at JFK.

Jokes aside – you’ve learned to love (or better put, accept) the unrealistic deadlines, the one-week-to-finish pitches, the turnover of new faces in the office, and the constant race to stay on top of the latest trends and buzzwords. Influencers and synergy, anyone?

This pace means all departments in an advertising agency must work together and share huge amounts of information as fast and as efficient as possible. And that’s usually where the problem begins – communication!

So, what if we told you that your agency could be communicating faster and smarter (not going insane in the process, of course)?

Sounds like an empty promise or a cheesy infomercial, right?

Hear us out and then decide if our teamwork platform, Loop Email can help you solve some of your communication conundrums.

Dealing with needy clients

Clients want customer support to read their minds

You can definitely think of one or two, right? Certain clients demand constant attention and lightning-fast responses. Besides great creative solutions and results, speedy account management is crucial for client retention which ultimately leads to greater profits. Research by Bain & Company shows that increasing customer retention by just 5% could potentially increase the profits of a marketing agency by 25% to 95% – need we say more?

When will you finish the video? Have the fliers arrived from the printers yet? Is the deadline for the website realistic or do we need to reschedule some tasks? Project managers need all this information from co-workers and they need it fast!

We designed our solution with exactly this problem in mind. Loop Email replaces a flood of emails to and from a client into a quick chat which we call Loops (inspired by “keeping people in the loop”). Loops can be compared to forwards or BCCs because they enable you to share the email with others but now with Loop Email you and your team can chat around the email. By Looping in your team you will be able to see the exact issue, avoiding potential misunderstandings.

The chaos of collaboration tools

You’ve got other collaboration tools and messaging apps, so who needs email, right? Well, no! Unless you have convinced all your clients to join you on these platforms (sure you have), most business still dome through good old email. Also, research shows that email is not budging!

Using too many apps results in multitasking gone wrong
Juggling four messaging apps, email, texts, and two project management tools. YAY!

So instead of having to copy stuff from email to any other collaboration tool, downloading attachments and transferring them around to your teammates, Loop Email keeps everything in a place where all the info came from in the first place. By adding chat to email, we have eliminated the need to constantly check four different apps. This way you aren’t missing information and paying for multiple subscriptions. All you need is on one screen, neatly organized.

Also, one of the main characteristics of an agency (apart from very small teams) is that you work with many different people on many different projects. So, traditional channels, focused on job functions are simply not enough. You become less productive when you bombard the entire design team in a Slack channel with instructions for the 3D model when only one designer is working on it. Loop Emails enables the creation of teams for each project.

Coming up with ideas – fast

If the creative team needs to bounce ideas, a brainstorming meeting is usually the go-to strategy. While brainstorming sessions are necessary, they come with their own set of problems. Setting up a time and a place is a constant hassle. This is where Loop Email comes in handy. Without having to leave your inbox, team members can exchange creative ideas within a team chat or project channel.

Loop Email app team chatting
Team chat on Loop Email.

Even if, say, a designer wants to get the art director’s opinion on an idea, he or she can simply send a quick message! No more dragging people out of their chairs or flooding them with emails.

“Not another meeting!”

Having too many meetings sucks

Fact: 99.6% of agency employees don’t like meetings. We have totally just made up this statistic but we feel we’re not far off.

While it’s often impossible to avoid meetings with clients, agency teams can avoid many internal meetings just by asking themselves a simple question – is this so complex that it needs face-to-face interaction, or could it be solved over email?

On Loop, many meetings can be transformed into team chats or emails to set teams (once you set up your team, there’s no need to double check if you’ve included all the people from a department or proje

The vortex of lost files

Big projects (or sometimes even small ones) have an almost infinite number of amendments and iterations sent around. One of the most dreaded sentences from the client must be: “Please use last month’s version of the text.” This is usually followed by frantic searching through emails, drives, and the chaos of downloaded attachments, right?

Loop Email organizes files in one place
All your files in one place.

Loop Email makes it easier by saving all sent and received files between contacts or teams in a neat folder inside the Loop inbox. They are sorted and searchable by contact or team – a truly wonderful, time-saving feature.

The new guy drama

A big benefit of Loop Email is the fact that all information around a project or a client can easily be searchable. Once you add a new member to the team chat, they’ll be able to access all the resources – sent files, messages, etc.

Oh gosh, who has time to explain everything to the new guy?

That, of course, doesn’t mean they’ll have to fend for themselves. The opposite – you will include them in all communication in a unique way! Before they fully take over, they can start to be Looped into conversations and tasks. This way they can begin to understand how to support and take care of the client.

What do you think? Do you believe us when we say we can speed up the work in your marketing agency? If so, then give Loop Email a try! See for yourself by downloading it for free but note that the coolest features come into play once you invite and add your team members. And don’t worry – your picky art director will love our sleek interface.?

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