Keep all client related work under control

Tired of wondering who else needs to be included in the CC when sending out a client email? Or maybe you’ve just had enough of endless FWD threads to get the project running?

Emails are organized into channels in Loop Email Emails are organized into channels in Loop Email

Organize emails around clients

Your business revolves around clients. So why should your inbox be any different? In Loop Email, all emails and files are automatically sorted by clients, making it super easy to find all the info you need at any time.

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Loops open up a side discussion on a any email Loops open up a side discussion on a any email

Quickly consult with a colleague

Skip the FWD and share any client conversation with a teammate to provide the full context of the matter. You can stop sharing the conversation anytime or keep them in the loop for the entire duration of the thread.

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Manage an inbox as team Manage an inbox as team

Assign and control responsibilities

Effortlessly assign emails addressed to general email accounts and discuss them with your team. With Loop Email, you keep a perfect overview of the entire inbox so no client email is accidentally ignored.

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Save time and money with organized communication inside Loop Email

Discuss emails with colleagues in side chats

Work with emails, chats, and files in a single app

Manage a Shared Inbox account with your team

Enjoy automatically organized client channels

Manage internal and external communication in one app

Available for Windows, Mac, and iOS

Trusted by companies all over the world

“We are more responsive, share more and feel better connected than ever.”