Provide the customer service that grows your business

You’re getting tens of customer emails per day - and each of them demands a friendly and timely response. Transform emailing into a powerful source of new customers.

React in real time

Get info by chatting with your teammates right inside the inbox and impress your customers with faster responses than ever before. Time is money, after all.
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Manage emails like tickets and stay in control

Manage your support@ or info@ email with the help of your entire team. Assign emails to the right person, ask colleagues for help with @ mentions and always know what’s going on in your public inbox.
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Bring transparency to a hectic workspace

Create teams for separate projects, departments, or tasks and always know where to look for information. Loop Email’s people- or team-focused channels save you time no matter if you’re looking for an email from a customer or a chat from a co-worker.
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From first customer inquiry to shipping an order in one organized space
Discuss emails with colleagues in side chats
Work with emails, chats, and files in a single app
Manage a Shared Inbox account with your team
Enjoy automatically organized client channels
Manage internal and external communication in one app
Available for Windows, Mac, and iOS
Trusted by companies all over the world
“We are more responsive, share more and feel better connected than ever.”