A shared inbox your
team will love

Loop simplifies and organizes all customer emails
into one simple shared inbox built for teams.
Respond to customers faster and more efficiently
and finally feel in control of all incoming emails.

Loop has all the great features
without any clutter

Shared inbox icon

Shared inboxes
managed by a team

Brings all work communication together in one app. Customer as well as team messages. No need for multiple apps.

Assign and Resolve tasks in your shared inbox

Assign & Resolve
for clear ownership

Each message has a clear owner so that the entire team knows who’s in charge or responding.

unified inbox

Unified view
of all messages

Have a full view of messages, no matter which inbox they come into.

Automated rules and workflows

workflows & SLAs

Set up rules that automatically organize any incoming messages.

Templated responses for your shared inbox


Create templates that your team can use whenever they’re responding to a message.

Loop's shared inbox works with all email providers

Works with all
email providers

Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 or IMAP. Loop has got you covered.

Handling customer emails has
never been easier

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Great tool for managing shared inbox

I love Loop. It helps me to manage my team. To collaborate & communicate. I love the ability to turn emails into actionable tasks. With Loop, I’m always on top of things knowing which email is taken care of and what issues we have with different tickets. As a team we are resolving things faster and more efficiently.

Franci Bacar, CEO of Goodish Agency

The best shared inbox tool I have found for a reasonable price

Loop Email provides an easy way to manage shared inboxes amongst our team. The software helps ensure that we never miss a customer query, and that we can respond to each customer email in a timely manner.

Andrew R., Director

The traditional way of handling
customer messages is broken

Chaotic & lacking

Multiple team members logging into the same account, trying to determine what needs to be actioned

Results in lost

Customer messages and
business transactions get
missed or forgotten,
resulting in lost revenue

Lacks visibility &

Lack of visibility or clear ownership leads to duplicated work and lower productivity

Switch from email overwhelm to an organized
and powerful shared inbox

Whether it’s messages from clients, partners or your internal team, Loop simplifies
and organizes all your incoming work communication into a simple shared inbox
and gives you and your team back order, control and focus.

Loop gets your team organized & in control of shared emails once and for all.
Assign owners to emails and enjoy the feeling of calm that comes from knowing no message will ever slip through the cracks again.
Resolve incoming emails within minutes, without cluttered email chains and logging into multiple apps.
Stop wasting time on busywork by implementing workflow automations, SLAs, & templated responses.
Discover insights that move your business forward. Loop gives you visibility into what’s working and what isn’t.

Loved by teams like yours

Once you get used to Loop, it becomes essential
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Get your shared inbox under control.

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