Shared Inbox:
Manage email
accounts as a team

Discover a better way for your team to respond to sales, support or general inquires received through your public email accounts (info@, sales@, support@...).
Get shared inbox

Take control

Your public email account can be now transformed into a shared space. You’ll get all your external email requests and related internal collaboration in one space. You and your team will always know who is working on what and how the exchange with the customer is developing.

Respond faster

Gain transparency by seeing how conversations unfold and react to problem areas quicker. Provide your team with the tool where your business will serve your clients faster and never again miss an opportunity that comes your way.

Save time

With shared inbox, you’ll no longer need to switch between email accounts. You can automate simple daily operations and allow everyone in your team to focus exclusively on resolving customer requests.

Want to know more?

Email accounts like info@, sales@, support@ or office@ and have a high volume of emails, so having more than one person managing them is always the best solution. From now on, you can use the same email account without switching email accounts and use it with other people to manage it faster. You can gain control by assigning each email to your colleagues and gain transparency by overseeing how daily conversations in your shared inbox unfold. You can read more about how to use shared inbox here.
Yes, one of the main benefits of using a shared inbox is that you can oversee how everyday conversations in your shared inbox unfold and who is on top of them.
Yes. You can gain control over an account by assigning each email to your colleagues for everyone to understand who is the owner of a specific conversation.
You can share an inbox with as many people as you want. Usually you want to share it with the ones that are already checking it on a regular basis.
You download Loop Email, search for Loopbot and type 'setup shared inbox.' This will enable the set up of your shared inbox that doesn’t take more than a minute. You can read more about how to setup shared inbox here.
No. A shared inbox can be managed through a team channel, separated from your inbox. It’s a great way to get on top of both accounts without switching from one to the other.