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All roads lead to Prague!

Loop's Summer Challenge adventure has begun. Seize the summer! Spread ideas, gather experience, build your self-esteem, seek inspiration and...

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7 Advantages of Teamwork

Are you secretly a lone-wolf-meets-control-freak, believing that nobody can ever do a job as well as you? Are you doubting the positive effects of teamwork because you’ve been burned before? We put together 7 main...

24 hacks for effective teamwork

Effective teamwork is the crucial ingredient of successful businesses, so team leaders and business owners should dedicate time into achieving it. Here are 24 practical tips that will help you improve your teamwork.

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IMAP users welcome to Loop Email!

Due to popular demand, we’re enabling the users with IMAP protocol to log in to Loop Email, which happens automatically. If having troubles signing in, please contact us at support@intheloop.io or via...

Seize the future this summer

During your college years you must grab every chance the job market offers - especially because the IT field offers so many good ones. Take advantage of the energy and the enthusiasm that drives you!