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How Loop Email conquers your communication overload
Drowning in information overflow, from emails to notifications? Perhaps you've tried different things to tackle this. So why are you failing, feeling stressed and overwhelmed? We at Loop believe we have the solution to your communication problems. Read more
December 11, 2018
by Jernej P.
How to make sure a super busy person reads your email?
On a daily basis, we receive, process and forward 34GB worth of information! With such a large flow of information, it is not uncommon for a busy person to mistakenly ignore or miss some emails. That's why it’s important to ensure that your email stands out from the rest. We gathered some useful tips on how to achieve that. Read more
November 28, 2018
by Jernej P.
Women at Loop: “Tech is awesome and gender shouldn’t matter.”
For too long we’ve been hearing about women in tech as if a female working in the technology industry is as rare as unicorns or hen's teeth! And we think that should stop as we believe that women working in the technology industry should be as "normal" as women working in any other. Read more
October 30, 2018
by Jernej P.
CEO’s point of view: Empathy in the workplace
Empathy is an important trait both as an employer and a human being. As a CEO, it’s important to not only have empathy yourself but inspire empathy through every level of your business. And for your employees to feel it. Read more
October 26, 2018
by Jernej P.
The daily email problems we all face
The majority of email users say it is an effective tool, but definitely not without its pain points. There is another way to use email though, so here are some of the daily struggles and how Loop Email can help you solve them. Read more
October 17, 2018
by Jernej P.
5 reasons why Loop Email makes the best Astro alternative
Astro was great for personal organization but that doesn’t necessarily make your experience of collaboration and communication any better. Loop is on a mission to change emailing by helping it become collaborative, real-time and organized around people, teams and apps. Read more
October 11, 2018
by Jernej P.
Loop’s Product Hunt launch: voted to the top apps of the day
It has been exactly 8 days since we launched our Loop Email app on Product Hunt, landing amongst the best 5 products launched that day and made it to their well-known newsletter, sent out the day after. The 24 hour launch period was an exciting event for the whole company, a true rollercoaster of emotions. We enjoyed every second of it! Read more
October 5, 2018
by Jernej P.
Hello Product Hunt!
We’re excited to be launching on Product Hunt today! It’s been an exciting journey full of email pains and problems and we are finally presenting the next innovation in the world of collaboration to the biggest tech community on the world wide web. Read more
September 27, 2018
by Jernej P.
Welcome to your new email: Loop’s mission
Loop Email is on a mission to change emailing by helping it become collaborative, real-time and organized around people, teams, and apps. We live in a fast economy where great companies are driven by a culture of now... Read more
September 25, 2018
by Boštjan B.
F. Rehman: Working for LOOP has changed my perception of emailing
Having used Loop for some time now I can finally see myself getting work done in one place and on one platform. I feel in control of my workload as well as my communication. I’ve moved from sending a quick email to dropping a quick message. The world has moved towards a chat based interface where Loop is currently sitting. Read more
September 11, 2018
by Fazal R.
Interview: Remote working is as efficient, if not more so, than office workflow
Teams working remotely can achieve just as much as traditional teams working in an office. Nowadays we have the platforms, that have enabled us to replace the physical presence of coworkers and it is a truly positive thing. With the right thought leadership and technical capabilities, teamwork becomes dreamwork... Read more
August 22, 2018
by Jernej P.
Why Slack should be afraid of the day Facebook lost $120bn in value
The deal confirms what millions of office workers already know, email is the primary communication platform relied on for business. It’s where deals get done and decisions are made. Not to mention the expected reach of over 3.8 billion users by the end of the year... Read more
August 1, 2018
by Boštjan B.
Summer School 2018: Solving real-world tech problems by the sea
For the last four years, we have organised a summer school challenge with tech enthusiastic students and showed them how a start-up looks from inside. This year the summer school took place in the idyllic Catania on Sicily (Italy) where more than 20 students and their mentors showed off their skills and of course had some time to explore the sights, hang out, cook and take a dip in the sea. Read more
July 31, 2018
by Jernej P.
Effective team communication: 3 main lessons from experts
In the workplace, the best team leaders facilitate good team communication on and off screen, effective collaboration skills, easy flow of ideas and crucially critical and noncritical feedback given often... Read more
July 31, 2018
by Jernej P.
Loop Email is currently free of charge
We often get asked about our business model and how we plan to price our service. To understand our pricing plans it is first very important to understand our concept of value in the context of collaborating on email. Read more
July 15, 2018
by Boštjan B.
Loop’s latest features make email real-time again
New features will make email within Loop even more intuitive and effective for office workers. Loop is the one place that’s making email work harder for you, bringing messages, emails and files together. Three new features will bring Loop, and your office communication, to life and make it even sweeter... Read more
June 30, 2018
by Jernej P.
LOOP earns 2 collaboration software distinctions from platform for software reviews
Here at LOOP, the second half of the year could not have begun any better. We launched an app which will change the world of email and also brighten your work day. This August, FinancesOnline, one of the most respected and reliable analytical review platforms, gave us a review on our product... Read more
June 30, 2018
by Jernej P.
Why not hearing feedback in real time hurts your company
In the current structure, people are working together but are left feeling isolated, focused on their own jobs and their own ability. We as leaders are not spending enough time with the team... Read more
June 28, 2018
by Jernej P.
How companies can turn 2018 World Cup into an advantage?
Get your coworkers to watch the matches. They are probably already watching it on their smartphones anyway. Creating a good atmosphere will result in good office vibes... Read more
June 19, 2018
by Jernej P.
Loop Email vs. Traditional Email
It’s here! We’ve launched Loop and we’re excited to introduce you to a better way to do email - helping you become better at teamwork and improve your team with smarter emailing... Read more
June 8, 2018
by Jernej P.
How this Outlook alternative improved business for multiple companies
It’s simple to implement and you don’t need to sign up to anything new. Continue to use your own email now with the added super power of messaging... Read more
May 8, 2018
by Jernej P.
How team chat can make your company better
If your business is suffering from communication overload the answer isn’t adding more tools. You need an email with team chat, where teams can refer to documents, ask questions and collaborate... Read more
April 22, 2018
by Jernej P.
How a company can improve emails with an email chat app
Over 269 billion emails are sent every day, all a business’s crucial and critical information has sat within an email inbox at one point – it’s where decisions are made and deals are done... Read more
April 22, 2018
by Jernej P.
3 reasons your company needs email messenger
Instant online and email messaging have made its way into the mainstream and replaced any other form of communication, and that goes for businesses too... Read more
April 22, 2018
by Jernej P.