Shorten response times to your visitors

It’s an important responsibility: making your customers’ trips pleasant and unforgettable. It all starts with how they experience your service. Simplify your work with the one app where customers, coworkers, and bookers can work together.

Manage an inbox as team Manage an inbox as team

Delegate emails to colleagues

Working together is faster. Handle your info@ or booking@ email account as a team, assign emails, see which requests are resolved and never double-book again!

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Loops open up a side discussion on a any email Loops open up a side discussion on a any email

Discuss emails before replying back to the customer

Need more information before getting back to the client? With Loop Email, asking your colleagues for help is easy. Discreetly include them in client conversations and get their opinion and information.

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Emails are organized into channels in Loop Email Emails are organized into channels in Loop Email

Clients, booking agents and customers in the same space

With the next customer email, coordinate the entire booking process without leaving your inbox. Always know where to look for that reservation confirmation, because all emails are organized in a shared inbox.

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Take your business sky high by managing the daily flow of conversations in Loop Email

Discuss emails with colleagues in side chats

Work with emails, chats, and files in a single app

Manage a Shared Inbox account with your team

Enjoy automatically organized client channels

Manage internal and external communication in one app

Available for Windows, Mac, and iOS

Trusted by companies all over the world

“We are more responsive, share more and feel better connected than ever.”