Loops: engage with your team on email

Loops are side chat discussions that enable you to discuss emails before answering back to a client. Discuss emails in real time and let the people in the loop stay updated on the original email discussion.

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Loops open a side chat discussion

Accelerate the pace of a discussion

Stop waiting for email responses. Loops turn emails into chat like discussions with one click. By using side chat you can quickly discuss things with your colleagues and resolve any issues in real-time.

Loops open a private discussion Loops open a private side chat

Resolve customer emails smarter

Loops are a cool way of discussing things on the spot without the customer being aware of the work that is being done in the background. You can include people or teams privately and get things done.

Loop email sharing feature loops

Collaborate with teams

Keep entire teams in the loop. With Loops you can share and discuss emails with your entire department before confirming it back to the client. This way you have the external email with the internal discussion combined in one view.

Want to know more?

Loops are a great way to work with your colleagues on email. Here is when they work the best:
  • Loops are a great way to discuss emails from a client before responding back to them.
  • Loops help streamline emails to your colleagues and your teams. It’s a great way for everyone to be kept updated about any changes or new replies to the original email.
  • Loops can also be used as a way to delegate emails or notify people about something. The people looped in can always reply to the original email directly.
  • Unlike traditional Forwards, Loops make sure you discuss the email on the spot within the “side chat”. Traditional Forwarding also duplicates the original thread, while Loops create a new side chat experience around the original email. Loops can also be expanded to as many recipients or teams.
  • Departments like marketing, sales, management, support etc. can all benefit tremendously by having the external conversation with the client and the internal comments from the team in one view.
  • Of course. Loop is built on top of email, which means you can collaborate with anyone who has an email address. If you send someone a quick chat message or Loop someone into an email, they will receive it in the format of a forwarded email.
  • You can loop as many people as you want, including entire teams.
  • No. Loops are a private side chat about a specific email. Original recipients are never made aware that a private conversation about their email is taking place.
  • Loops help you manage, organise and enhance your support department. With Loop Email, you will be able to turn every support email into a collaborative thread. Loop Email does not work as a ticketing system but we’re are planning to add integrations with apps that will cover this use case in the near time future.