Loops: engage with your team on email

Loops are side chat discussions that enable you to resolve emails on the spot. You can discuss emails in real-time or keep the people you loop-in updated on a particular topic.
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Using email forward, CC and BCC is problematic and confusing
Loops turn email into chat discussions

Accelerate the pace of a discussion

Stop waiting for email responses. Loops turn emails into chat-like discussions with one click. By using side chat you can quickly discuss things with your colleagues and resolve any issues in real-time.

Resolve customer emails smarter

Loops are a cool way of discussing things on the spot without the customer being aware of the work that is being done in the background. You can include people or teams privately and get things done.
Share customer email and discuss it with team Share customer email and discuss it with contacts

Collaborate with teams

Loop-in entire teams. With Loops you can share your new email opportunity with your entire department. This way the team can discuss the email internally and get all of the updates to the original email, streamlined.
Share email with team and get live updates of the original mail