The simplest email management for
logistics teams

Triaging hundreds of emails a day with quick turnaround is no small task. Get your team organized with Loop’s powerful shared inbox and watch them respond faster, collaborate seamlessly and win more business, right inside the email inbox. It’s that simple.

Your logistics team needs a simple system that will improve operations from day one

Exceptional customer service

With Loop, incoming emails are automatically triaged and routed to the best agent, ensuring fast reply and highest chance of winning new business. Your customers will feel like VIPs without additional overhead.

Visibility & accountability

In Loop your team have access to full customer history, clear view of who is responsible for responding, as well as a trail of internal conversations attached to each message. In short, everyone knows what’s going on.

Seamless productivity

Tags, templates, filters & clarity of exactly what each agent is responsible for. Those are just a few of the features that vastly reduce noise and improve productivity, making your team feel like superheroes.

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The ONE solution for communication

Simple, effective communication between all of our agents, allowing more accuracy, avoid duplication, time spent searching, researching, and most of all allow us to better care for our clients in real-time. Customer service and tech support is by far the best we have experienced with any company or product.

Administrator in a small business

The best shared inbox tool I have found for a reasonable price

Loop Email provides an easy way to manage shared inboxes amongst our team. The software helps ensure that we never miss a customer query, and that we can respond to each customer email in a timely manner.

Andrew R., Director

Make high volume communication
manageable with a shared inbox

Complete visibility

Always know what’s going on in your business

Understand the status of any shipment, quote request or carrier enquiry at a glance, whether they came into your own inbox or into shipments@ or operations@ email addresses. Filter for unresolved emails that require your attention, filter by message owner or a tag, or simply check an audit trail of replies and internal conversations.

Shorten response time

Move faster on time-critical shipments

When it comes to shipping, speed is of the essence. With a shared inbox from Loop, your agents see what is essential without all the extra email noise, allowing them to respond quickly and precisely, especially to urgent enquiries. Add to this SLA notifications, automated routing and pre-written templates, and you have a team that’s as efficient as they can be.

Analytics & metrics

Powerful insights that drive revenue and scale

Your email client should not be a blind spot. With Loop, you’ll get visibility into the metrics behind your team performance, workload spread, and general operational efficiency, so you can scale the impact of your team without hiring more people.

Round robin assignments

Rules & automations

Automate the activities that slow you down

Save time by automatically routing messages to the right person, applying organization labels, setting SLA reminders or creating pre-written response templates your team can use.

Plus all the features your logistics team will love

Shared inbox icon

Shared inboxes
managed by a team

Brings all work communication together in one app. Customer as well as team messages. No need for multiple apps.

Assign and Resolve tasks in your shared inbox

Assign & Resolve
for clear ownership

Each message has a clear owner so that the entire team knows who’s in charge or responding.

unified inbox

Unified view
of all messages

Have a full view of messages, no matter which inbox they come into.

Automated rules and workflows

workflows & SLAs

Set up rules that automatically organize any incoming messages.

Templated responses for your shared inbox


Create templates that your team can use whenever they’re responding to a message.

Loop's shared inbox works with all email providers

Works with all
email providers

Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 or IMAP. Loop has got you covered.

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Get your logistics inbox under control.

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