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Turn your email into a collaboration hub

Client conversations, important documents and party announcements deserve an organized place where your team can work together. Connect online with your colleagues and achieve amazing results together.
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Never miss a deadline again

Use side-chat conversations to resolve any client or project issues that start on email and eliminate team emails before confirming back to the client. Side chat allows you to get help from your team faster and generally speed up response times within your business.
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The collaboration hub that you
can email from

Users not registered with Loop will still be able to respond and participate in your work through their existing email client. You can discuss customer requests, sales opportunities or projects over email - all within Loop.

Work closely together
online in Teams

With topical chat conversations, files and shared emails, your team is able to efficiently work together.
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It’s your email, but enhanced

Loop email is free and easy to set up. No registration is needed – simply sign into Loop using your existing business account. It works with Gmail, Outlook and Exchange accounts.
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Simply sign in with your existing account. No registration needed.
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