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Handle emails together

We don’t believe in ‘the 24 hour reply rule'. With Loop Email you can get the help you need to reply to clients immediately. Just @mention someone and start chatting with co-workers privately.

Loop Email app for team inbox and email collaboration
Loop Email app for team inbox and email collaboration mobile

Organize work effectively

Setup a Shared Inbox for public accounts (info@, office@, support@...) to organize work. See who is responsible for each incoming email and reply with canned responses.

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Loop Email chat messaging inside your email inbox

Get your teams talking

Working together brings a lot of unnecessary emails. Use built-in chat to get help from co-workers in real-time. Its efficient, fast and super fun.

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Make email fun again

All work and no play? Not in Loop Email. Communicate using GIFs, emojis or just informail chat – right from your inbox.

Works with your existing setup

Works on top of Gmail, Outlook, Office365, IMAP…You’ll still be able to email with everyone like you’re used to, even if they’re not using Loop Email.

Loop Email app available as a desktop and mobile app Loop Email app is available as a desktop and mobile app

Available on your device

Work from your iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux or Android platform

There is a collaboration revolution happening

Join people from all around the world in changing the way we work together.