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Loop Email helps teams connect, collaborate and communicate all in one place.

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Communicate with everyone from one app.

Working remotely has its challenges. Communication doesn’t have to be one of them. Stop switching between apps to get work done. Now you can chat with your colleagues and email your clients on the same app.

Loop Email app for team inbox and email collaboration
Loop Email app for team inbox and email collaboration mobile

Tackle the workload together with everyone in the loop.

Manage shared mailboxes like “info@”, “support@”, and “sales@” with your team. Know who’s working on what by assigning emails. Or keep an overview of your team’s responsibilities and monitor their progress with automated workflows.

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Loop Email chat messaging inside your email inbox

Organize collaboration with side chats on emails.

Emailing about an email? There’s a better way. Now you can collaborate like you’re sitting next to each other. Share emails with your team and discuss them on the spot before replying back to the customer. No duplicated threads, no lost emails.

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Virtual assistants won't feel virtual

For those of you using virtual assistants, Loop Email will allow you to integrate them seamlessly - they can be shared on your personal inbox, easily delivering on their promise to free up more of your time.

Works with your existing setup

Works on top of Gmail, Outlook, Office365, IMAP…You’ll still be able to email with everyone like you’re used to, even if they’re not using Loop Email.

Loop Email app available as a desktop and mobile app Loop Email app is available as a desktop and mobile app

Available on your device

Work from your iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux or Android platform

There is a collaboration revolution happening

Join people from all around the world in changing the way we work together.