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Loop Email app for team inbox and email collaboration
Loop Email app for team inbox and email collaboration mobile

Client emails, important documents and internal discussions, organized in one place, driving everyone in your company to work together more effectively.

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Share the workload

Manage your public email account (info@, office@, support@ …) as a team. Delegate, collaborate, and have complete clarity over your team’s responsibilities. It’s transparency of your business you haven’t experienced before.

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Loop Email app for sharing emails - loops and side chat

Respond smarter

Now you can engage more people into helping your client - turn any email into a chat-like discussion with the help of loops.

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Loop Email chat messaging inside your email inbox

Collaborate in chat

Involve, @mention or assign work to your co-workers and solve problems the fastest way possible. All that without having to leave your inbox.

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Stay organized

Organize your business around clients, projects, partners, workflows and teams. Your chats, emails, and files get shared in one place, allowing your team to collaborate efficiently.

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Learn and improve

Daily reports in Loop Email help you identify blind spots and workflows that need a boost, bringing a new level of clarity over your team’s performance.

Email the way you know

You’ll still be able to email with your clients like you’re used to, even if they’re not using Loop Email. At the same time, you’ll see the progress of these conversations at a glance in your shared inbox.

Clear ownership

Provide clear ownership of every email by assigning a person to it. Every assigned email will have the name of the person responsible for it, making sure everybody in the team knows who is on top of an email. This cuts response times and makes sure no emails are missed in your inbox.

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Have fun!

All work and no play? Not in Loop Email. Communicate using GIFs, emojis or just an informal chat – right from your inbox.

Loop Email app available as a desktop and mobile app Loop Email app is available as a desktop and mobile app

Get involved from anywhere, anytime

Available on iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux and Android.


Sign in with your email

Simply sign in with your existing account. No registration needed.


Use Loops

Engage with your colleagues in side chat.


Bring your email to life

Your emails, files and contacts.
All there when you sign in.

There is a collaboration revolution happening

Join people from all around the world in changing the way we work together.