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Loop Email changes the way how you get work done with your team on email.
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Loop Email client with chat, email, team collaboration and files in one smart tool
Loop Email client with chat, email, team collaboration and files in one smart app
Working smarter starts with collaborating better within email. No matter how many apps you try, you end up dealing with the important stuff in your inbox. Loop is the missing link for teamwork on email that helped more than 40,000+ registered users work smarter.
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Loop to engage your team around important emails

Replace the old age Forward, CC & BCC with Loops. Now you can resolve any important escalation or reply to an offer together with your team in real-time.
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Easily find important work using people and teams

Your emails, messages and content all available in one place organised automatically for you around people and teams. Finding that important file has never been easier.
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Take control of your workload with Loop Inbox

Take full control of who gets your attention. Focus only on the people and teams that are most important and mute everyone that should not be interrupting your daily workflow.
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It’s your email, but enhanced

Loop email is free and easy to set up. No registration is needed – simply sign into Loop using your existing business account. It works with Gmail, Outlook and Exchange accounts.
Loop email is a free windows mac ios client for all devices Loop email is a free ios mobile app client
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Simply sign in with your existing account. No registration needed.
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