Let's change emailing

Loop is an exciting new work place
for your business.
Get Loop for your team
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Stop using multiple apps to talk to the same people.
Add messaging to your existing email account.
Sign in and start messaging within seconds.
Your business
in one place
Connect your business by sharing emails, files and messages with your team in one app. It's the one place for your business to communicate, away from the noise of social media.
Know what's
going on at
Loop Email connects your business and allows you to see whats happening inside your business at anytime. Loop upgrades your old email client with a new perspective to your business.
with one app
See who is online, get instant responses and share and discuss email privately. Marketing, sales, staff... get an overview of your team communication.
and simple
to start
You can sign in with your existing Gmail or Exchange account and simply upgrade your existing inbox with Loop. It's magically simple and takes about a minute to start.
There is an email revolution happening
Join people from all around the world in making the future of email.
Sign in with your email
Simply sign in with your existing account. No registration needed.
Start messaging
Reach out to your people and stay in touch.
Bring your email to life
Your emails, files and contacts. All there when you sign in.
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