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Help your team work better by adding messaging to your email inbox.
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Stop using multiple apps to talk to the same people.
Add messaging to your existing email account.
Sign in and start messaging within seconds.
Your team
in one place
Create teams on your email network so you can share emails, files and exchange quick messages. Your work in one place, away from the noise of social media.
The email
Loop integrates with your email, so you can message anyone and bring your email to life with faster responses and light-weight conversations.
Making your
team better
See who is online, get instant responses and share and discuss emails privately.This is teamwork at its best.
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team here
Your team can sign in with their existing accounts and upgrade their inboxes to Loop within seconds. Available on all devices, except Android (coming soon).
There is an email revolution happening
Join people from all around the world in making the future of email.
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Simply sign in with your existing account. No registration needed.
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Reach out to your people and stay in touch.
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Your emails, files and contacts. All there when you sign in.