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Loop Email Shared Inbox

Centralize conversations

Connect your private and shared channels/inboxes, to bring all your conversations into one workspace.

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Loop Email Team Chat & Collaboration

Foster collaboration

Mention your teammates in conversations, assign them to boost accountability, and use direct messaging to chat privately.

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Automate workflows

 Cut out the busywork,  and automate conversation routing and tagging to streamline operations and responsiveness.

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An experience tailored for high-performance

Loop is an all-in-one communication tool

Unleash efficiency!

Empower Your Team with a Unified Workspace, No More App Switching!”

Focus on what matters!

Loop Inbox filters important conversations to ensure your team tackles prioritized items 

Shared Inbox Tags in action
Assign owners in your shared inbox

Boost Accountability!

Assign email conversations to clearly define responsibilities and ensure efficient follow-through.

Stay responsive as a team!

Work together in real time by easily bringing anyone on the team into the loop.

Automate, Standardize, Monitor

Use workflow automation for efficiency, shared templates for consistency, and SLA monitoring for performance quality

Smarten your decision-making

Use Insights to pinpoint outliers and closely monitor key metrics, enabling data-centric decision-making.”

Shared inbox reporting

A game-changer for teams

New ways of working and interacting with email. It’s
like a think tank got together and tried to brainstorm
ways to make email better and came up with Loop.
This can really be a game-changer for teams.


Once you get used to Loop,
it becomes essential

Forwarding and switching between communication apps is a thing of the past for us and the clutter has been greatly reduced. We love it!

Andrej Solinc, CEO of CEED Slovenia

Great all-in-one
workplace communication app

It is the single workplace communications tool for my business of 10 – we have teams set up …, we have a shared inbox connected …, we chat internally, it’s just easy to keep everyone in the loop.

G2 review of Loop

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