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Start collaborating with your team on email


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Expand your team’s workflow with more shared inboxes


N From 11 to 50 Users

N From 4 to 20 Shared Inboxes

N Unlimited Teams

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Build a system around your team with custom add-ons


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“A game-changer for teams..”

“New ways of working with and interacting with email. It’s like a think tank got together and tried to brainstorm ways to make email better and came up with Loop. This can really be a game-changer for teams.

“I had the same feeling I did when I first started using Slack. It’s polished, works very well, and didn’t experience any glitches. Just a great experience overall.”


“Makes Outlook seem like something from the stone age..”

“I can communicate much better with my employees inside
the mail client, instead of doing it in Slack or Trello. Why
jump to third party software, when you can keep all the
information at the place where it matters, instead of having
it scattered around ?

“It makes Outlook seem look something from the stone age.
And on top of that the UI is easy on the eyes. If you have
employees, you will be kicking yourself down the line for not
looking into what Loop can do.”


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