Impress with cutting edge client service

Spend time delivering the best creative solutions to your clients, not digging through emails! Loop Email keeps your communication under control, easily accessible and search friendly – an account manager’s dream.

Assign and
resolve emails

You can now easily assign whatever lands in your general info@ account to the right co-worker. See the status of emails at a glance and react to inquiries in real-time.
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Manage everything
from one place

No more searching multiple platforms to find information! With an inbox organized by contact, you’ll quickly find that offer, no matter its origins.
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Share progress on a client

With a couple of clicks, you can share entire client conversations with anyone in your team – keeping them in the loop without forwards or endless CCs.
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Try Loop Email and don’t let email get in the way of creative thinking
Discuss emails with colleagues in side chats
Work with emails, chats, and files in a single app
Manage a Shared Inbox account with your team
Enjoy automatically organized client channels
Manage internal and external communication in one app
Available for Windows, Mac, and iOS
Trusted by companies all over the world
“It is often said of our company that we create the right connections. What Loop managed to do was connect ourselves better internally, including those of us that work remotely."
CEO at Mediade