Bring your colleagues to a team channel on email

Teams help you share emails and files and enable you to chat with your entire team in one place. Teamwork on email has never been easier.

Ever wondered what the team is working on?

See all emails, chats and files shared with the people you CC regularly. Now you can always check the status on the projects that the team is working on.

Shared inbox: Teams can finally work together on email

With the entire team aware of what’s going on - you can collaborate with ease. Chat about emails, ask for quick approvals through chat or simply ask for the file that one of your colleagues has.
Loops email sharing feature

Streamline and share emails to your team

When the next important email comes, you can simply loop it to your team. The whole email conversation gets streamlined in real-time - enabling your team to be updated on all changes to the original email.

Want to know more?

  • Every time you share a lot of emails with the same recipients – it makes sense to create a team and start working more efficiently.
  • When you’re working on a project or in a department and you want to collaborate with multiple people at once. Teams help you bring people together and chat within the same place they are sharing their emails.
  • The purpose of Teams is to group emails, files, chats and Loops in one place. Teams can be created for departments such as; Marketing, Support, HR or Sales but can also be created for projects where two or more people are involved.
  • Technically speaking – no. You can add people to a team even if they’re not using Loop Email. However, with an influx of emails, chats and Loops a non-Loop Email user will start to see their inbox become flooded. Therefore, we recommended everyone in a Team to use Loop Email.
  • Since Loop Email is built on email, people can always get messages even if they’re not using Loop Email. This means that even if you share your conversations with an internal team – you can always just add an external recipient to an email (in CC or BCC) and share a specific email with him. For example: you can have an internal team called Loopers. But at one point, an email needs to be shared with an external designer. Simply write the email to the Loopers team and CC in the external designer. He won’t have access to the team Loopers, but he will get the email and be able to reply to whole Loopers team.
  • You can create a Team by simply clicking on the “+” button on the left-hand side menu under the Teams sections. When you’re creating a team, you will be asked to provide a Team name, short description, select a team admin (someone who can add and remove people) and finally you’ll be able to invite others to join the team (this can be anyone with an email address).
  • As soon as you create a team, your colleagues, who are now part of the team will see it appear on the left-hand side menu . From here you can start chatting with them right away. Also, you’ll be able to send an email to that team by simply writing the name of the team into the ‘To:’ field on a new email.
  • Yes, you can loop entire teams. This will automatically store Loops into team channels and enable all members of a team to be updated about any changes on the looped email.
  • A traditional inbox makes your company work in silos. The conversations and files your employees exchange are hidden between email exchanges. Enabling people to share a place with other co-workers where they can have group discussions and an overview of shared emails and files enables employees to stay on top of what is going on in the company. Our customers have confirmed that the information flows faster with Teams then in a traditional email.