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Employees often do other stuff during meetings
Blog » Don’t let meetings get in the way of your productivity flow

Don’t let meetings get in the way of your productivity flow

Meetings, as necessary as they are for many of our daily work tasks, are more costly than you imagine.

The cost of time. According to several studies people spend up to 36 hours per month in meetings, these include virtual and face-to-face. An average employee is involved in 62 meetings per month and considers half of them useless.

The cost of focus. Meetings disrupt the workflow in many ways. Going back and forth to the meeting place, small talk, meetings that derail within the first few minutes, new tasks delegated…While meetings are an important part of getting the work done, many team members still faced with dread as they can easily kill their productivity flow. But, you can always do it differently and a bit better:

The cost of motivation. If your team feels like they are wasting time sitting around in meetings daydreaming, falling asleep or doing other work. Then it’s going to end up affecting their overall motivation. Losing hours or even an entire day achieving nothing isn’t a workflow boost, isn’t it?

People often do other stuff during meetings
What people actually do during meetings.

By bringing Loop Email into your business you can start to reduce these numbers by introducing some simple new habits :

Share the meeting agenda in advance via team chat

Plan within your team and avoid the pre-meeting chaos. Create a team within Loop Email and send the meeting agenda in advance. You can start discussing the topic of the meeting right away whilst also including your remote workers. Getting the meeting started before the meetings starts will cut down a lot of time and bring what’s important to the table faster!

Replace the stand-ups with Loop’s team chat

Stand-ups have become an office staple. In theory, a stand-up is a 15-minute slot during which team members can share their work progress, daily objectives and discuss different topics. Awesome, right? Well, we all know that in practice, things aren’t that peachy. Before you know it, you’ve spent 45 minutes in a “short meeting”, discussing the 3 other things without even touching on the main subject.

We love stand ups. But most of them could be avoided by simply updating your coworkers through a transparent way of communicating. Obviously, your coworker doesn’t know the progress of you emailing a client. But loop-ing them in or sharing an update through team chat could save you some important time.

Loop Email makes meetings more effective by using team chat feature
Make meetings more effective by sharing updates in Loop’s team chat.

Brainstorm in a channel

Let’s meet together at 1 pm and be creative! How many times have we heard that? Being creative and sharing ideas is done best within a group or a team. You can bounce ideas off one another and develop strategies quicker. With today’s technologies, we can share creative ideas with all our teams faster than ever!

Sometimes you cannot come up with a creative idea on the spot or within a set time frame. No need to pressure yourself or the whole team by setting up a meeting. Here, you can share ideas more spontaneously rather than pushing yourself to the point of no return. Brainstorming in a team chat allows your onsite or remote staff to take their time and reflect on the ideas you have shared.

In other words, your organization doesn’t need all those meetings! Most issues could be managed outside the meeting room. Before scheduling a meeting or accepting a meeting request, think again and ask yourself: “Could this meeting be a simple message?”

Teamwork platforms like Loop Email can help your team accomplish goals and stay on top of their workflow. With the right approach, your co-workers will look forward to the get-togethers, seeing them as beneficial and not as massive time hog.

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