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Blog » No Google Inbox in 2019, no problem. Use Loop Email as the Inbox alternative!

No Google Inbox in 2019, no problem. Use Loop Email as the Inbox alternative!

Google launched their Inbox app in 2014 as a sort of incubator for new approaches to email and won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of users.

Despite the popularity, Google is sunsetting Inbox at the end of March 2019. If people will not be switching back to the Gmail experience, we’re sure that most people will be looking for a Google Inbox alternative. So, if you’re a passionate Inbox user looking around for the best replacement, we at Loop Email believe we have something special for you.

Welcome, all Google Inbox refugees to our new Loop Email app.

Loop Email is a beautifully designed email messaging app, voted App of the day on its launch at Product Hunt. Whilst making sure all your day to day email needs are covered, it adds some exciting new features which help you work better with your teams, co-workers, and clients.

Here is how Loop Email enhances on Inbox experience and can serve as an alternative to it.

Chat with people inside your inbox

Loop Email seamlessly combines e-mail and chat. As regular email is still considered the de-facto communication tool at work, many people do not expect an answer within the first 24 hours.

Chat on the other hand is much more instant and straight to the point. You will be able to see who is typing you a message in real-time as well as their availability (online or not).  With Chat on Loop Email, you can message individuals or the whole teams which you can set up around your workflow – it’s intuitive and fast.

In a nutshell, Loop has email at its core but with the added superpowers of chat messaging.

Loop Email messaging
Forget about long emails, FWDs or CCs; use real-time messaging instead.

Loop your colleagues into an email and have a private chat around that email

Wondering where Loop Email got its name? Well… ever heard of “staying in the loop?” It enables you to share emails with your team so you can easily chat around and about them.

Whether you need support from your team on a customer request or you’re just looking for quick approval, our flagship feature, Loops, help you get to that information faster and easier. As a result, your team can be on the same page without the need for multiple threads or conversations. Everyone can stay in the loop!

Loop in your co-workers or the whole team.

Channels can work as the Inbox alternative

Email is where your business happens. Other platforms such as, for example, Slack, work alongside email and are always seen as an add-on. Whereas with Loop you can have one platform for all your communication needs.

Channels offer a new way of organizing things. They group all business emails, chats and files around a contact. This way you can find your work automatically organized, so you no longer have to waste time organizing your inbox.

Loops don’t stop at individual stream though: they enable you to create a team with the people you interact and work with the most. All you have to do is choose a name for your team, add their email addresses and create the team. Then you will have all messages, files, and emails in the team channel. You won’t have to switch between different apps to get the work with your team done. Simple to set-up and implement, working seamlessly with your existing inbox, we believe this is the best alternative to Google Inbox’s batch grouping.

Loop Email smart inbox channels
Organize your emails into channels.

Get in the Loop today!

With Google Inbox shutting down at the end of March 2019, using Loop Email as an Inbox alternative is very easy. With a quick, one-time log-in with your existing email address, you’ll be up and running on WindowsLinuxiOS, and Mac. The release of Loop Email for Android is just around the corner, so stay tuned!

To get started, download Loop Email for free. On top of your Gmail, it supports Exchange and Office365 accounts as well. We’ll be happy to hear your feedback as well, so join us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Jernej Pavlič

Jernej Pavlič

Jernej Pavlič is the Head of Growth @Loop Email and helps you get things done with your team.

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