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Loop goes Product Hunt 2.0

After several months of updates and upgrades, it’s time for Loop Email to dive into the Product Hunt world again. Here’s our new brainchild: Shared Inbox!

Hi Loop Email supporters and Product Hunt enthusiasts!

During and after our first launch in September 2018 we got really valuable feedback from you guys and gals and went on to improve our product. After these exciting nine months, we bring you our brainchild: the new and improved Loop Email app!

As for any parent, this is an exciting moment for us as well.? And we want to share it with you. Meet the newest member of our family – Loop Email’s Shared Inbox. Its purpose in this world is to give overwhelmed teams everywhere a better control of their inboxes and show them how to love their email again.

Or, at least, how to hate it a lot less! ?

Picture this.

A team of four is responsible for a general company email account like support@acme.com. With a lot of emails from various clients, the inbox is filling up.

You lose track of who’s responsible for a certain email. Sometimes more than one person is working on the same reply. At the end of the day, no one really knows if anyone got back to that client email. #facepalm

In one word – MESS!

Our solution: Shared Inbox!

  • No more biting your nails thinking, “Man, did we get back to the new client?” – Shared inbox lets you assign emails to people
  • No more “OMG, we sent two different replies to the same client!” drama – you always know what’s going on in the public inbox because the whole team has an overview
  • No more messy forwards and information lost in threads – chat about a specific email as a side discussion instead
  • No more wondering where your team stands on a given day – you have control over the workload with emails sorted under unassigned, open, and resolved.

Our rollecoster ride

This revolution for managing teamwork couldn’t have happened without our seriously cool team that has given their sweat and tears and built an awesome product. To paint the picture of our olympic discipline called LOOPathlon here are the official stats:

  • cca. 10kg of ? were consumed in these hot days.
  • 300 liters of ☕️ drank.
  • at least 1000 Nerf bullets were fired and up to 10 new Nerf ? bought.
  • at least 3 people almost drowned ? at our latest team building. Here is the proof!
  • we’ve had countless ? and after work ?.

And that’s why we’re proud to be launching for the second time. We couldn’t have made it without our most devoted users and the companies that stuck with us through all the bugs and crashes and kept believing in us&the product.

Picture of our very own Product Hunt style cat called Loopy.
Greetings from our Loopy cat.

What now?

If you have a spare minute show this team some love, leave us some feedback and check out our app on Product Hunt today. You can do that by:

A big thanks to every individual who made this journey smooth!

Visual of the Loop Email team.
A big thanks from our Loop Email team!


Loop Email team!

Loop Team

Loop Team

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