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How to get to a 75% close ratio with Craig Elias

How’s the relationship with your main client? Contrary to popular belief most failed deals are due to bad relationships – and NOT price issues. Craig Elias from Canada provided valuable tips on how to manage sales relationships.

In our third podcast episode, we talked about sales techniques, different approaches when dealing with clients and got our hands on a trick or two when closing deals.

We would like to thank Craig Elias, a well-known sales coach and B2B expert for his valuable insights.

Questions we answered:

  • Why is the relationship to your client of greater importance when closing deals?
  • How does the tactic of “being first, chosen and preferred”, helps sales people to get more deals?
  • Which is Elias’ main tactic on getting a team to work in the way they succeed with the 75% close ratio

More about Craig:

And using the right tool to achieve set goals:

Bostjan Bregar, the podcast host, is the co-founder & CEO of Loop Email and a strong believer in leadership built around teamwork & individual development.

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