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How to create a powerful company culture with Patty McCord

Why should companies re-think the way they work and invest in the right approaches for building a great company culture? A call to action with a well known expert from the US in the latest podcast episode.

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In the 6th episode we focused on the depths of company culture! The much talked-about ingredient of success but at the same time one that’s commonly ignored.

Special thanks to Patty McCord a well known consulting expert and co-creator of the famous Netflix culture deck who likes to re-define and re-think the way companies work. And is not afraid to point it out!

Questions we answered:

  • What is the famous culture deck and how it came to life?
  • Talking about company culture in start-ups that go from small to big – this transition influences different employees in different ways. What should managers be careful about?
  • What are the most dangerous mistakes managers make when building a company culture?

More about Patty:

And the right tool to get there:

Bostjan Bregar, the podcast host, is the co-founder & CEO of Loop Email and a strong believer in leadership built around teamwork & individual development.

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Loop Team

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