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How to build a great customer service with Jeff Toister

Customer care is both a feedback mechanism to improve future products and also a feedback mechanism to improve current products and services. Jeff Toister showed us several techniques on improving customer services on many different levels, starting with the support team.

In our first podcast, we talked about tips and tricks for great customer service.

We would like to thank one of the world’s leading experts on customer service, Jeff Toister for joining us and sharing his knowledge as well as interesting insights about it.

Questions we answered:

  • Is customer care a feedback mechanism? How can it improve current products and services?
  • Why are clarity and agreement when serving the customers so important? What role does consistency play in this process?
  • Why are proper customer care tools the key to a successfull and productive customer care?

More about Jeff:

And using the right tool to do it:

Bostjan Bregar, the podcast host, is the co-founder & CEO of Loop Email and a strong believer in leadership built around teamwork & individual development.

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Loop Team

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