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How superbosses lead differently with Sydney Finkelstein

Who is a superboss and which steps lead towards becoming one? In our new podcast episode with Sydney Finkelstein, a word or two about superbosses, their skills, team performance and finding & developing talents!

Sydney Finkelstein is a professor, podcaster, consultant and author of the best-selling book SUPERBOSSES: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent. He was kind enough to join us on our 9th podcast where he provided valuable insights into the different set of skills & mindsets defining great leaders or as he calls it, superbosses.

We also talk about the real value of a superboss and discuss how someone can become one today.

More about Sydney:

And the right tool:

Bostjan Bregar, the podcast host, is the co-founder & CEO of Loop Email and a strong believer in leadership built around teamwork & individual development.

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