Manage public email accounts with Shared Inbox

Manage info@, support@, sales@ accounts together with your coworkers. Assign emails to provide your team with a clear overview of who is responsible for each incoming email.

Shared Inbox helps you organize folders and emails

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Works with your existing email

A Shared Inbox shares all incoming emails to your team. Set it up on top of your current Gmail, Outlook, Office365 or IMAP account.

Easily manage shared inbox and folders

Share the workload

Connect as many Shared Inboxes as you need. All incoming customer or client emails will be automatically visible to your team.

Share the workload with your team

Assign emails

Our Shared Inbox provides clear ownership of your public email account by assigning a person to emails. Every assigned email will have the name of the person responsible for it, making sure everybody in the team knows who is on top of an email.

Leave comments to your team

@mention somebody in your shared mailbox and leave comments in side chat before replying back to the client. Sharing emails helps you get help from your team in real-time.

Reply with
canned responses

Use predefined templates to reply to clients with one click in Loop Email’s shared inbox.

Who is it for?


Customer support

Advertising and marketing agencies


Travel agencies and tour operators

IT services

Want to know more?

How will shared inbox improve the handling of my public accounts (info@, support@...)?

In short; using Shared inbox will save you time, connect you with your co-workers, give your business the much-needed transparency and improve accountability in your team. Shared inbox lets you access the emails in the public email account without switching accounts – something that can be very time-consuming. It’s a unique way of collaborating with colleagues as well – you assign emails to them, chat with them to provide additional info and always know who’s working on what. You can easily keep an eye on how the conversations in the shared mailbox unfold and thus stay in control of projects. Read more about how to use Shared inbox here.

Will I be able to see if we’re too slow to respond to emails?

Yes, you will. One of the main benefits of using a Shared inbox is that you can oversee how everyday conversations unfold and who is on top of them by receiving daily reports on your Shared Inbox activities.

Will I be able to see who is responsible for an email?

Yes. That’s the main advantage of shared email inside Shared inbox. Each email conversation can be assigned to an owner. After you’ve assigned it, the co-worker’s name is shown on top of the email card. Once they’ve addressed it, they can mark it resolved – that way it’s easy to see who’s doing what and judge the workload at a glance.

How many people can I share it with?

You can share an inbox with as many people as you want. Our advice is to share emails with the ones who are already checking the account regularly.

How do I set it up?

You can set up your shared inbox by downloading our app here.

Will connecting a Shared inbox flood my existing account with emails?

That won’t happen – we know how that annoying that would be! A Shared inbox can be managed through a Team channel which is kept separate from other emails. It’s a great way to get on top of both accounts without switching from one to the other.