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FREE WEBINAR: Onboarding your team on Loop Email is easy

Collaboration tools only work when your entire team is on board. Many of the existing platforms make the joining process time-consuming and stressful.

Loop Email was designed with the goal of bringing your employees, teams and clients together in one place. With this in mind, we have made onboarding of new team members on Loop Email as easy and effortless as possible.

In our FREE webinar, held on the 5th of March we talked about:

  • How to onboard your team or business on Loop Email
  • Demonstrated how our Loopbot makes joining the collaboration hub a breeze 
  • Showed you how your team can work together on one platform

We also addressed a few interesting questions about teamwork on Loop and some of our features (creating a team, adding contacts etc.).

If you couldn’t make it, here is a recording of the webinar. You can also reach out to our team via support@intheloop.io or to our General Manager Fazal Rehman (fazal@intheloo.io) if having any feedback or improvement ideas.

Loop Team

Loop Team

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