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Take your team’s workflow to the next level with Loop, the email platform designed for collaborative teams. Chat in real time. Respond at light speed. And turn I-thought-you-had-that-one into that’s-one-satisfied-customer.

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“It takes my team 19 emails to resolve a simple issue. It’s the worst.

Email is supposed to make our lives easier. But there’s just one problem. Email hasn’t caught up with how we collaborate in 2021.

Email chains for days.

“Let’s just copy everyone in.” Its easy to do. But while your team goes back and forth over email, your customers are left waiting. And wondering.

Reply-all confusion.

It’s game over if someone forgets to rely all. Team members are cut out of key discussions. And decisions get made without the right information.

Information scattered everywhere.

Spending fifteen minutes trying to find that one email you really need is a huge headache. And the more your messages pile up, the worse it gets.

Put endless email chains behind you and respond to your customers at light speed

Loop gives you everything you need to work together over email. It’s the modern way for collaborative teams to create amazing customer experiences.

Your email workflow, simplified

With Loop, you can share inboxes with your team from a simple, beautiful email dashboard that cuts out the clutter — so you can focus on the work that matters.

Replace email chains with real-time chats

Eliminate the chaos and confusion of endless back-and-forth. With side chat on emails, your team can resolve issues in seconds and thrill your customers with damn-that-was-fast responses.

Stop wondering who’s in charge

You can easily assign emails to team members in just one click – so you can finally feel confident that you always know exactly who’s doing what.

Companies like these use Loop Email to delight their customers

“A brilliant email client…”

“Its a brilliant email client. I’m confident Loop will allow me
to run the four startup companies I have. Support is superb,
brilliant and friendly service… something that helped me
take the plunge. I’m looking forward to watching Loop grow
as its got the ability to catapult forward and smash the


“A must-have tool for anyone with a growing business…”

“Loop makes it awesomely easy to assign mails to the right
people, comment on mails (without the sender seeing
those comments) and mark things as resolved. But that is
just the tip of the iceberg.

“For anyone who has multiple different email accounts, this
brings them all together in one place. But then to be able
to assign any of those emails to a colleague or even
outsourced team member just makes this a must-have tool
for anyone with a growing business.”


Communicate with everyone from one app.

Working remotely has its challenges. Communication doesn’t have to be one of them. Stop switching between apps to get work done. Now you can chat with your colleagues and email your clients on the same app.

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take control of their inbox with Loop

Loop email

Outlook and Gmail


Side chats on email help your team make fast decisions

Email chains clog up your inbox with everyone on your team chiming in


Easily assign emails in one click for blazingly fast responses

Assigning tasks means forwarding emails and face-to-face convos


See all your accounts, right from your dashboard

Spend the day jumping between all your email platforms


Focus Inbox spotlights your most important messages

7,847 unread messages
in your inbox


Simple design that’s
a joy to use

Dizzying array of icons make even simple tasks a hassle

Backed by world-class customer support

We take great service as seriously as you do. Whether you need help getting started or assistance with tech Issues, you can reach out anytime for fast support.

Great Interface:
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“Better than Gmail app and any other email app I’ve used in the past. It’s one of those apps that I will be using on a daily basis. Their customer support is superb!”

Outlook users have been
waiting for something like this!

“Their support team is hands down the best we’ve seen in SaaS products. They patiently helped us set automated rules that are still in beta which are saving us a big amount of time at handling our customers.”

The ONE Solution
for communication

“Customer service and tech support is by far the best we have experienced with any company or product.”

Manage your email. Chat with your team. Delegate tasks. Track responses.
All in one delightfully simple platform.

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