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Loop Email turns your email into a collaboration hub.
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Loop Email team collaboration email sharing tool

Where your employees, partners and clients work together

Customer conversations, offer management with clients and party announcements deserve an organized place where your team can work together. Stay on top of every conversation within your company and make sure your business stays organized no matter how fast you grow.
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Collaborate on a shared inbox

Get your public email account (info@, office@, support@…) under control together with your team.
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Loop Email chat messaging

Touch base by chatting

Communicate in real-time with co-workers or entire teams and solve problems the fastest way possible. All that without ever leaving your inbox.

Email the way you know

Clients not registered with Loop will still be able to respond and participate in your work through their existing email client. You can discuss customer requests, sales opportunities or projects over email - all within Loop.
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Easily share emails

Now you can engage more people into helping your client – simply share important email conversations with them. Turn emails into chat-like discussions with the help of Loops and let people stay updated about the original email discussion.
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Organize your work

Organize your business around clients, projects, partners, workflows and teams. Your chats, emails, and files get shared in one place, allowing your team to collaborate efficiently.
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Find anything
and everything

Find files, emails, and messages neatly organized by contacts and teams. Never waste time searching for them again – you know exactly where to look. And if you still need help, there’s always the traditional search bar.

Get involved from anywhere, anytime

Available on iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Linux with Android coming soon.
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