Get an Inbox
around people

Loop Inbox organizes your emails by contacts to help you get work done smarter.
Take back control over your Inbox

Take back control over your Inbox

Loop Inbox sorts the people you talk with into two categories: focused and muted and lets you mute or unmute a contact when it is relevant.

Organized automatically at log-in

When you sign up to Loop, it automatically organizes emails around your recipients. So you can see all emails and files from one client – in one place.
Fly through your tasks

Fly through your tasks

With Loop Inbox you become an Inbox Zero person without a hassle. Batch read emails from a person or a team of people. Tap the'unread' filter to check who still needs your attention. No more getting lost in email threads, no more drama.

Want to know more?

  • To explain this, we have to take a step back and look at the big picture. Email was built 40 years ago without the demands of heavy collaboration like we see today. Have you ever wondered why all communication apps organize conversations by people except for email, where conversations are still organized by threads? Traditional inboxes are stuck in the past. The Loop Inbox is changing this by offering a new, modern way of going through your daily emails, where your emails are organised by your contacts. This allows you to take back control over what’s important in your inbox and stay on top of your emails with ease. Loop Email further declutters your inbox by putting your contacts into two categories: Focused and Muted.
  • Focused & Muted are designed to give back control of your inbox. The items in your Focused section are there because you want to be notified of them. This could be a contact, a team or a discussion. If you’re getting far too many notifications or junk in your inbox, then you can simply move them to Muted.
  • Emails that don’t have a regular response from you or fall under ‘promotions’ or maybe the clutter folder – then the Loop Inbox assumes you don’t want to be bothered by their notifications and stores them under the muted section. This is done during your set up when you initially login into Loop Email.
  • All emails should be imported. However, there are occasions when some recipients end up in muted during your initial set up and login. You can simply unmute that contact by going in to your Muted section and un-selecting them.
  • No. Only you can see who you have muted.
  • The short answer is yes. However, at the moment we’re fully focused on offering a better email experience where collaboration with your colleagues is at the forefront. Once you (our users) will be satisfied with this then we can commit to building features like snoozing, read receipts etc.