October 17, 2018
by Jernej P.

The daily email problems we all face

October 17, 2018
by Jernej P.

We check our email and messages around the clock. It has become like breathing or eating, a daily necessity of the modern business world. According to a research by Adobe, the exact amount is 6 hours per day and not only in our workplace, but we also do it while watching TV, while lying in bed, in the bathroom, on vacation and most dangerously, while driving.

The majority of email users say it is an effective tool, but definitely not without its issues and pain points. There is another way to use email though, so here are some of the daily struggles you might be facing and how Loop Email can help you solve them.

Daily struggle with an email overload.

Emails are too long and there’s too much back and forth
Long emails become a problem when they contain information better said or explained face to face or on the phone. Main points can get lost along the way, resulting in conflicts or misunderstandings. Most of the time we need to react and respond to the written content in that given moment, so why not do it in real-time. Instead of long threads, a messaging function can be much more effective. With Loop Email you can ask a question, share a file, a crucial information, stream live email updates, fast and to the point in an instant message. You can also see who is online and responsive, anywhere and anytime.

Example: send a quick chat message to find out when your co-workers/your team will be free for a standup meeting rather than sending multiple email to set it up.

Forget about long email, use real-time messaging instead.

CCs and endless forwards
Most email respondents feel frustrated when copied to an email that doesn’t apply to their part of the workflow, creating unnecessary work and distractions, while many reply-alls clutter up the inbox. There is a button within Loop Email, solving all of the multiple cc’s and forwards you might be receiving. “Loop In” enables people or a team to discuss emails in a private chat, like a side note but it doesn’t duplicate the entire email thread. Anyone who is “Looped In” can respond to the email without creating duplicate threads.

Example: following a question from a customer put to the account team, the right person is an expert from the wider business. That right individual can easily be looped into the email and requests can be answered and customers can have a seamless experience. No new email threads and just one conversation.

Loop In – The new forward.

Cluttered inbox and messy filing system
Another common pain point is the cluttered inbox with unimportant mails which distract you and leave you unfocused. On a daily basis, there is so much wasted time, deleting or finding ways to ignore junk mail, not to mention going through your inbox and searching for that one file you need right away. To solve this and stay ultra-focused on the important stuff, with Loop Email you can mute contacts or teams and move unimportant emails to the “Muted” section of the Inbox. Within “Files”, you’ll find all your attachments in one place on a single screen. You can view your entire file history shared with each of your contacts.

Example: when working on an important task or project, move mails like marketing, newsletters or contacts not needed to “Muted”, not allowing them to disturb your work mojo. Or, when you want to send a crucial file, ease the search path by clicking on files shared with a person, firmly sorted by date and type and re-send it in seconds.

Sharing files. Simple and quick.

With the right platform and the right understanding of it, users can overcome the love-hate relationship and make email the most powerful part of their daily workflow.

Stay focused and mute the emails or contacts not needed at that point.
Jernej P.
Head Of Growth