July 31, 2018
by Jernej P.

Summer School 2018: Solving real-world tech problems by the sea

July 31, 2018
by Jernej P.

For the last four years, we have organised a summer school challenge with tech enthusiastic students and showed them how a start-up looks from inside.

Cheers to a successful summer school challenge.

As Bostjan Bregar, CEO of Loop Email puts it: “We got to know potential employees better than we ever could at a networking event or during an interview. And they learned important skills before they even stepped into an office. Investing in working with young people who will be the future of our company, is paramount and the best investment you can make.”

This year the summer school took place in the idyllic Catania on Sicily (Italy) where more than 20 students and their mentors showed off their skills and of course had some time to explore the sights, hang out, cook and take a dip in the sea.

Enjoying Catania by wakeboarding.

We gathered some feedback and wrapped it up in the interview below:

You all worked in and with a team for a whole week, practically 24/7; how did that work out? Any positive and negative outcomes?

The teams really connected the first day and it was a pleasure working with every single one of the team members. We worked quite a lot but also had a lot of activities between the actual work assignments, it was like a team-building exercise, a lot of fun with a great positive and friendly atmosphere. Like a winning team, we were constantly communicating about our progress, while our mentors were always there to help us and give some great advice.

Implementing innovative ideas.

Working in a totally different climate, away from a normal classroom or your home; did it have an impact on you, your productivity?

It was nice to take a break, look at the sea which was very close to the office and recharge the energy. Everyday when walking home from the office we observed Italian culture and people, the true atmosphere and temperament of the south. All in all it made the working process more easy and effective.

Exploring and searching for new ideas.

Overall experience of a summer school; how do you like the concept of it? The challenges? Mentors?

Awesome and very educational. It has a certain flair of a hackathon and the summer school reminded us of a more “mature” hackathon. The tech challenges were diverse and at the same time tailored to each team individually. The mentors did a great job by giving guidelines, helped us when we had bumps on the road and yet did not force us to do something in “their way”.

Work in progress.

Would you recommend a summer school like this, was it useful for your study and career? 

I would definitely recommend a summer school like this where you can combine business with pleasure. The best outcome was how to effectively communicate and collaborate in a team. We gained skills that every developer should have but are sadly often left out of university education.

The sea as an inspiration.

The soccer legend Pele once said that “success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” Throughout this summer challenge we could not agree more with this quote. Our young students had the chance to solve real-world tech problems and most of all applied those words into their daily life.

Loop on the Etna volcano.
Jernej P.
Head Of Growth