June 8, 2018
by Jernej P.

Loop Email vs. Traditional Email

June 8, 2018
by Jernej P.

It’s here! We’ve launched Loop and we’re excited to introduce you to a better way to do email – helping you become better at teamwork and improve your team with smarter emailing.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative for your clunky Outlook inbox or to stop using additional tools to make your current email client work. What businesses actually need is  the best email client for mac or windows alongside the added super power of collaboration tools like business chat. So, what could your team gain from upgrading your email platforms?

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Loop is a new Outlook alternative for your team

Making team communication efficient on email

How many times have you heard someone talking about ‘doing emails’ or feeling the frustration of sending the email and it disappearing into the etha, never knowing if you’ll get a response.

It’s no secret that email has been a bug bear for a lot of people and teams. In its current form, email doesn’t equip teams and companies for high performance. A necessary evil of the business world users continuously complain again and again about the same issues including email being a huge task and a bottle neck to productivity.

So much so that the media are always quick to jump on any kind of potential ‘email killer’. None of the options out there have done the job yet though – that’s where Loop comes in. Currently there’s over 2.5 billion daily active users sending over 269 billion messages and that number continues to grow. Loop can make every one of those messages work harder and here’s how.

For us it was about reinstating great teamwork. Whether your team all sit in one place, or like us is spread all over the world, collaboration needs to be seamless. You need to be able to loop in suppliers, discuss ideas in real time and flag potential issues easily. We want you to be able to focus on what you communicate, not the way you communicate.

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Loop brings messaging to your inbox

In Loop you can simply:           

  1. Login with existing email account and upgrade your inbox with messaging
  2. Create a team of colleagues
  3. Exchange emails, messages and files with that team
  4. Get rid of unnecessary CC’s – simply message the team instead

Speed of communication

One of the primary complaints we hear all the time about traditional email platforms is that the speed of communication is a big issue. People want to communicate online and in real time – just like they do when they What’s App their friends outside of work. They crave this kind of instant communication in the workplace – especially when you add the day-to-day pressures of looming deadlines and responding to customer needs.

Let’s face it though, traditional email is a chore. What with formal greetings and sign offs, CCs and BCCs, signatures and attachments. It makes not only the whole communication process slower but you work slower. Loop ensures you’re able to have faster conversations and faster exchanges by enabling team messaging via email.

Importantly, not only are your messages quicker and simpler to write, but you’re also able to receive real time responses from your team. Gaining insights into who’s online and available combined with the ability for other team members to quickly respond to queries and be looped into email conversations. This instant and easy communication means everyone can focus on getting the job done.

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See who is online and active from your team

Here is how Loop speeds your communication compared to email:

  1. Team messaging instead of writing formail emails
  2. Share an email and discuss it with messages, instead of forwarding it and duplicating threads
  3. Sending a chat message results in a lot faster response compared to email

Keeping your online communication in one place

While many messaging platforms like Slack offer the ability for quick chat – users are still torn between a quick communication tool and their primary business tool – where all their intellectual property is held.

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Email, messages and files – all in one place

Loop enables teams to exchange and store emails, chats and files all in one place. Team conversation combined with email – just one type of platform for all types of communication. It’s easy to add in people from your teams just by knowing their email address. There’s no software to download or programs to buy. You can easily share emails with them – no more CCing, simply message the whole team. When your team is on the platform, you can simply use the messaging platform.

Here at Loop we’ve turned the communication problem on its head. We’ve taken email, the tool we all use, and we’ve armed it with the intelligence and engagement it needs to help you get the job done – collaborating in teams and communicating with customers and suppliers easily and effectively.

It’s simple to implement and you don’t need to sign up to anything new. Continue to use your own email now with the added super power of messaging. Try out Loop; Download the alternative.

Go to www.intheloop.io

Jernej P.
Head Of Growth