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Loop Email is currently free of charge

We often get asked about our business model and how we plan to price our service.

To understand our pricing plans it is first very important to understand our concept of value in the context of collaborating on email.

Email as we know it today is a personal productivity tool that helps us stay on top of our tasks and allows us to communicate with anyone on email. Our core promise to people looking for such value is that we will always be FREE for them. Using this as a suplement to your existing email clients for personal use will stay free.

We will implement our pricing model and start charging once we start delivering collaboration value: value, derived from people working together in teams or people working together within workflows. Our business plan will kick in when we start driving value by bringing people together as teams or as members of collaborative business workflows.

Our top tier offering will charge for value added by smart enterprise bot capabilities. Available in early 2019, it will allow businesses to make use of personalized enterprise bots to enable interaction between colleagues and with business apps within a totally personalized enterprise experience.

The good news is that while in beta, users registering online will have none of these costs. And we guarantee that once we close our beta at the end of Q1 2019, users will always be able to get our email for personal use free of charge.

Boštjan Bregar

Boštjan Bregar, CEO @Loop Email, bringing amazing teamwork to businesses across the world.

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