May 8, 2018
by Jernej P.

How this Outlook alternative improved business for multiple companies

May 8, 2018
by Jernej P.

Despite alternatives being on the market, Outlook has long been the auto install email tool for businesses. It is the go-to communication program with little thought to an Outlook replacement. Most of us put up with it too, the clunky features and the cluttered interface included. Not to mention the disengaging design that offers a one size, fits all approach to any industry, brand or person.

The reason being, Outlook is built using old technology and approaches to email. An approach that focuses on nothing other than when emails are sent, with little regard to who sent it – an email from your boss and a weekly newsletter are given the same level of priority. Unnecessarily formal email etiquette is a common place, with cc’s, bcc’s and signatures restricting any form of quick and speedy communication.

Of course, some of these issues are issues with email itself. While it may be relied upon by businesses the world over – 4.3 billion email accounts and counting – those who use it spend a lot of time complaining about it. That’s why we’ve seen many chat alternatives developed, all pitching themselves as ‘the email killer’.

While looking for alternatives for a tool like Outlook is the answer – getting rid of email or adding additional tools all together certainly isn’t. The right kind of Outlook alternative gives you the tools to make your job easier.

It’s a new way of ‘doing’ email and communicating with colleagues, suppliers and clients. A tool like Loop, a hub where businesses of any shape and size get the best of email with the added communication tools they need to run effectively.

So how does Loop make your life easier?

1. Keeping business communications in one place

While many businesses have found email a clunky but necessary evil, the solution they currently turn to is all too often another communication tool on top – something that gives the ability for speedy chat like a messaging app from Slack or Skype. So now those businesses are using two communication platforms to do business – instead of adequately fixing the problem that email presents.

The obvious solution is one tool keeping everything in one place. Whether a quick chat or formal email – Loop incorporates the two together, making it easy to resolve any business issues by sending a quick message and rallying the team, all whilst keeping it in one spot. Your inbox.

2. Helping get real time responses

Businesses need to be able to collaborate on projects, respond to their clients’ needs and find business solutions in real time. Especially if problems arise that could ultimately affect their bottom line.

If you can regroup with a team to discuss the exact issue quickly – without sending an email into the ether and wondering when you’re likely to get a response. Pulling in team members straight away, looping in third parties all whilst maintaining the context of the original conversation then response times will be much faster. Making for better relationships with clients and a happy team.

3. Eliminating duplicate threads makes work more efficient

Productivity in the workplace is a key area of focus for businesses, how many times have you got sucked into conversations with colleagues with multiple people replying to the same email at once creating multiple threads? Parts of the email chain being missed, multiple versions of the same document flying around.

Email on its own simply can’t keep up with the quick back and forth of modern business communication. Being able to run chat alongside email while keeping everything in context and relevant is the solution every business needs.

Jernej P.
Head Of Growth