April 22, 2018
by Jernej P.

How team chat can make your company better

April 22, 2018
by Jernej P.

Email is the communication platform for business. It’s fundamental to getting stuff done, making decisions and working together. Many team chat apps are showing up on the market and presenting themselves as the ‘email killer’, but 281 billion messages are still being sent over email every day and rising.

As far as we can tell, email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That being said, it’s no secret that email can be clunky and stilted if it’s used in the wrong way. Rather than helping you do your job, email can become a task itself.

To try and solve the communication issue within your business, you have to look back and see what email was originally intended to do. At the outset, it was developed to help people who couldn’t be together physically, communicate with each other easily. Now the same tool is used equally for making business decisions with clients on the other side of the world as it is for team members in the same room to chat and share ideas.

Expecting one tool, in its current form, to be the answer to all your communication needs is crazy – but we also don’t think the answer is multiple communication tools.

For a while, companies have looked for an alternative solution to ease the communication burden, tools like Skype or Slack let teams chat easily and quickly. The intention might be for these to be used instead of email, but in most cases, they just end up being used in addition.  So now businesses are using two communication tools at one time! If you thought you couldn’t find the information lost in your inbox before – now you’ve got no hope as you open and close multiple windows and programs.

Easy team communication is crucial.
Company email team chat.

How do we solve this?

We think there’s a better way. A team chat app that sits within your email. Not an additional burden for your teams, something else to check, more push notifications to receive – but a team chat app that works with the tool you’re already using. So how will it make your business better?

Individuals are more responsive

Getting one person to respond to your email might be tough – even tougher still if you’re trying to get a group of people in multiple locations to work on a project in real time.

Updated documents attached to multiple emails, emails crossing so threads being missed and multiple questions being answered at different times. To say it can be confusing is an understatement.

A team chat app could cut through all that, but the best team chat app will work with your main communication tool – email – streamlining everything in one place.

Email with a team chat app means your teams can refer to documents, ask questions and collaborate on client requests or issues in real time and at speed.

The best team chat apps don’t take you away from your work

If you’ve ever tried a team chat app, you’ll know that all too often they become a place of jokes and banter, constant chatter about watering office plants or sharing cat memes.

Employees have a very low tolerance for this kind of noise. As soon as this happens they’re likely to turn off or log out of this kind of software so that they can simply focus on the job at hand.

Email is where work happens, if you have a team chat app that sits within your email conversations can stay focused on specific tasks. Rather than adding to communication overload, they enhance it by streamlining conversation to the job at hand.

Team chat apps are not all created equal. We’ve worked to make sure Loop keeps you in control of your inbox with the benefit of a team chat app. You can collaborate easily with your team and stay focused on the job at hand. Give it a go. 

Jernej P.
Head Of Growth