April 22, 2018
by Jernej P.

How a company can improve emails with an email chat app

April 22, 2018
by Jernej P.

Like it or not, email is the business communication tool. Over 269 billion emails are sent every day, all a business’s crucial and critical information has sat within an email inbox at one point – it’s where decisions are made and deals are done. The tool is largely unchanged from the original email format though.

Technology has come out that can be used in addition to email like messaging platforms. What really needs to be done though is to create a better version of the tool we already use.

That’s why we think an email chat app is the answer. As we know from our personal lives, chat apps are everywhere. You can’t get away from them as we explained in our last blog post. Chat apps have made their way into the mainstream and are the primary way to communicate quickly – there’s a place for this in businesses too.

Improve emails with an email chat app
Users spend 2.5 hours or more on email every day.

It’s not that simple though

While businesses have evolved dramatically over the last 10 years – there is still one common thread. All businesses are completely reliant on an email platform as their primary form of communication. To try and solve this, many have now stuck a messenger apps on top.

These messenger apps, like Slack, have been heralded as the ‘email killer’ for over four years now. Even though early adoption figures were high, there’s been zero effect on email usage figures. There are over 3.8 billion email accounts, and rising, with the average person spending at least 2.5 hours or more on email every day.

While we all depend on email to get our jobs done, it’s no secret that email is a cruel task master. Email needs to evolve and it’s our belief that what is needed is a chat app built within email – rather than another separate platform.

Here at Loop we’ve taken email and armed it with the intelligence and engagement it needs to help carry on supporting the world of work for the next 50 years. Continue to use your own email, with the added super power of chat.

So how can your email be improved with an email chat app?

Firstly, efficiency is paramount to every business – making tasks as easy as possible for members of your team should be a priority. Added to that, the complexity that many businesses are spread geographically in multiple regions, easy collaboration is key.

Which is exactly why an email chat app is essential whether teams are in the same room or different countries.

Collaboration on projects, responding to client needs and coming up with business solutions needs to happen in real time. Especially if problems arise like missing products or customer complaints – if you can pull in team members straight away, looping in the appropriate personnel to research the issue and maintain the context of the original email message then response times will be fast and solutions will be swift. All making for happy clients and customers.

Working with our own clients, we know we need to ensure conversation stays focused on the job at hand.

Requests for information need to be heard and decisions need to be made. With an in-built email messenger app, there’s no mindless chat about cat memes or whose turn it is to make tea – each conversation is relevant to your business and the incoming emails you’re receiving.

Communication is key to the success of any project

As we said in our last post, according to research ineffective communication is the primary contributor to project failure. This isn’t surprising – you need to communicate in a clear and transparent way to make sure projects are worked on in real time and everyone is contributing their part.

An email messenger app quickly becomes a key tool for making that happen.

Using an email messenger app like Loop gives you control of your inbox with the benefits of an email messaging app. It gives you visibility and presence within your business and teams. It helps you get your job done and get it done well working with others seamlessly, no matter where they are.

Jernej P.
Head Of Growth